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Dissociative Interlude (CRUNCH130)

by Manufactura

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“We interrupt our regularly broadcast transmission, to bring you a message from a parallel universe, found in a different dimension."

For Diego, may this new journey and challenge see you RISE to incredible new heights 🖤

Over the years many people through out every corner, in every continent of the earth have reached out to me simply to express how much my words and music has affected them and helped them either through troubled times, through party times, through madness and in some cases to find love.

As I have always stated, my words and music are simply my way of self-medication, a cathartic exercise to assist me with my own issues. Much like a mad painter or a drunk poet that must do the work to simply breathe and live.

This album is dedicated to those souls out there that are currently struggling with severe depression and are battling with thoughts of suicide. I myself know all too well the severity and intensity of how dark things can get. I hope you can find a way out, I hope that you can somehow overcome this moment, this storm. There are many people out there just like us, and like them, you are not alone in this struggle. Either betrayal, a death, an illness, a terrible accident, a loss of something important or even something mundane or simply the recurring nightmares, the anger, the self-loathing, or a culmination of all these things, it is all a struggle. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that life is simply a game, perhaps it is a dumb game and yet we have to find interesting ways to keep playing and maybe, sometimes, not just for ourselves but for something grander than ourselves. Love won’t save us, but we, more than most can save love. As the old saying goes “the weird people... the black sheep, the odd ducks, the rejects, the eccentrics, the loners, the lost and forgotten. More often than not, these people have the most beautiful souls.” The world needs more of us, if simply just to keep it interesting and to reclaim it from the fake, the snakes, the hate.

I leave you with the words of one of my heroes and perhaps one of the strangest ducks of all. Last month I met David Lynch in person and asked him if he had any advice for a lost dreamer…..he said “Well, maybe if the lost dreamer can look into transcendental meditation, perhaps the dreamer will be found.”

- Karloz.M


released July 27, 2018

Crunch Pod Catalog: CRUNCH 130

Recorded in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Palm Springs & Atlanta.

All songs written & produced by Karloz.M

Produced @ Magnetic Divination Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Additional Instrumentation & vocals on 4 by Amoreena Stout

Mastered by Auricle Media

Photography artwork, layout and design by Art|Ma

Cover photograph by Cyanide Mishka

Published by Auricle Media.

Released by Crunch Pod © 2018

for more information on Manufactura:


all rights reserved



Crunch Pod Los Angeles, California

Crunch Pod was established in 1998.

Electronic Music | Industrial Music | Dark Ambient | Rhythmic Noise | IDM & Experimental Electronics

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Track Name: RISE I
As it happens
the reasons become
boundless and infinite
perceptions of a lifetime
sequestered and erased

I untie my hands
and my mind ignites on fire
I release my heart
and my soul dissipates
through vast landscapes

the fog is burning
the shores
once filled with storm
now calm and silent

a new black sun rising
lights the unknown

with every breath
I become whole again
a perfect completion
as one falls into obscurity
one rises through
to burn like stars

I'm beginning to bun
Track Name: Suicide Afterlife (Hard Reset_)
Reset hardwire
Hard Drive

Configure simulation
Recover execution

Command Control
Alternate deletion

Enable system
Data process
Track Name: Eternal Insurrection
The wanted are fading
As the rest of us
linger, and stand the test time
like ancient stonework
like ancient scriptures
I weather the storms

Kneel to the edifice
Your consciousness
Your holiness

Feel the emptiness....
The silence
The loneliness

As we step back in time
To reset your crime

I've given sufficiently
With honest sacrifice
Through solemn happenstance
Bled from the metaphoric heart
Through the all wounds left behind

As you removed your garments
And bared fruit to your temptations
I could finally see the truth
a devil in disguise
another snake in the grass
Track Name: Dreams Are Like Water
Am I the dream?
Or am I the dreamer?
where have we been
within sight of the unseen

Endless night
forgive my nature
it's just that I
suffer from obsession
of the darkness of
your shroud

I need to medicate
so I can meditate
and therefore confiscate
my dreams
into this reality

In the absence of hearts
and of destiny
we’re getting nowhere

So now we fall
through clouds of minds
forgotten in time
dissolved in time
dissolved within
Track Name: Dark Night Of The Soul
I've, cast fire
and I
I've, spilled blood
now only desire tempers the flood

through these wondrous rituals
that comfort the soul
only desire tempers the flood
And I've never been this far
caught in the wisdom
of lustful desire

And when it carries me away
I'll surrender to the knowledge
life is just a game

Awaken at last
reborn through this night
I open my eyes
to a broken world
I walk through the flames
of this darkened road

and I
I've, cast demons
and I
I've, sacrificed flesh

Now only derision
is course for your dreams
the last of my visions
that set you aflame

Now close your eyes
for one last time
as the night takes control
of all your delusions
all your ambitions
and all of your hopes
Track Name: RISE II
And so, it begins
I set in motion this inception
this ascension
of destruction

A beast I created
Into some kind of animal
My own Frankenstein
My Judas disciple

And it will rip through hearts
much in the same way
as I have done
with past love
through the knowledge of misery

it will use my words
it will use my stance
and it will use my wit
to devour the subconscious
of those willing to burn

for it has earned its wings
through the lessons, I bestowed
And the wisdom fed in vain

And I
will pay the price
for my creation
and rightly so.....

it becomes Kali

and I

I become Death

Let it be so.
Track Name: Magnetic Divination
As nightfall takes control
and shooting stars
guide our way with fervor
we’ve come together

Through magic fields
of magnetic embers
galaxies collide
as we embrace each other

And the fires of Triangulum
won’t hold a light
to how bright we burn

And all our lifetimes
all our mystic energy
finally comes forth
to conjure love and pleasure

now we’re slowly set aflame
as we invoke our aeromancy
to bring forth a sensual field
where our love remains intact
and our lust will be exact

ascending into the stars
transcending time and space
as our magnetism intensifies
disrupting the normal world
and shaping
a new reality
Track Name: Dimensional Slipage
Close your eyes
Rest in stillness

The doorway you’re looking for
lies within

silence the mind
for a second
allow this death
to comfort your path

the darkness you’ve loved
and been forever enthralled with
is the solace and the answer

focus on the awareness
of the ripples in time
through dimensional alternate
timelines echoing in your subconscious

the doorway is a sense of your mind
you are no longer a shadow
flickering in the periphery
of your soul

Now open your eyes
Track Name: Gemini Method
I've set aside a part of me
that I simply must destroy
before it slaughters everything
I am

And it might very well just be
able to achieve its deed
if I can't get hold of it
once more

So what if I just killed you now
dismember everything you are
and do away with all this hate

So what if I just killed you now
and put an end to all of this
no more pain no more shit

I'll bury you in pieces
discard your severed mind
and dispose of all
your misery
Track Name: Languid Eyes
Mesmerized by luminous dreams
I find my way through this darkness
floating in absence
witnessing truth

Misshapen and bruised
the moonlight surrounds us
guiding our way
to unknown horizons
past the bloodshed
and into the void

Languid eyes
and tired dreams
It’s an angel
raping your soul

Drown here
in this filth
and defile yourself
with this travesty
its tender and warm
like the lion’s breath
before it tears out
your fucking throat

A perfect disaster
A perfect conclusion
Track Name: To What End Does This Deviltry Serve?
The time soon comes
to suffer our crimes
ignorant malcontent
is the name of their hearts
They are blinded
by their basic perception of time

And the devil they serve
is the devil within
the devil within

To what end does this deviltry serve?

Demons with faces of angels
have nowhere to hide
they hold to their lies
for the rest of their lives

They shed their skin
like snakes feeding on pain
They lay in wait
while lying in bed

To what end does this deviltry serve?

They spread their legs
through technology
But the shadow they cast
is the symbol of fraud
their love turns to lust
to justify hate
alone in decay
is their optimal fate

To what end does this deviltry serve?

Bright eyes with superficial
Feigned tears
will haunt them for years
As they become the people
you've always despised
And bitter misery
awaits their embrace

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